Public Equities

Public equity investments are considered one of the main sources of long-term capital growth for investors.

With a track-record that goes back more than 13 years, the Artal Capital investment team has extensive experience in managing both MENA and Saudi focused strategies. Our clients are able to invest in our strategies either through our funds or through DPMs (also called discretionary portfolio management, or Segregated Mandates).

Investment strategies

  • MENA investment strategy
  • Saudi investment strategy
  • Special situations strategy

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Investment options

Discretionary portfolio management (DPMs):

DPMs (also called Segregated Mandates) are tailor-made investment offerings that cater to our clients’ specific needs and preferences


Our funds enable clients to invest in Artal’s public equity strategies through commingled investment vehicles.

The following is a list of our public equity funds:

Artal MENA Fund

The Artal Public Equity Fund for Investment in the Middle East and North Africa aims to achieve long-term total returns for unit holders by investing in Arab companies in the Middle East and North Africa and its subsidiaries / affiliates (compliant with the provisions of Islamic law). In addition, the fund is entitled to invest in short-term Murabaha transactions, sukuk and fixed income instruments. The fund aims to outperform the benchmark. No profits are distributed to the unit holders, but all the net profits of the Fund and the dividends or revenues it receives are reinvested. To know more details, please contact the company.

– Artal Special Situations Fund I

– Artal Special Situations Fund II

To learn more about our Funds, please contact us.